Bannockburn Furniture Repair & Restoration

Looking for Furniture Repair Services in Bannockburn, Illinois? You’ve come to the right place…

Have a chair that has loose or broken legs? A table with a hole, crack or worse?

For over 20 years, Jean-Jacques Bernard has provided home furniture repair services to Bannockburn residents, repairing furniture suffering from scratches to major breaks, and everything in between. Jean-Jacques Bernard adheres to the French Restoration Treaty, which offers only the highest level of integrity in methods and product.

Jean-Jacques Bernard’s talent in furniture repair is only matched by his customer service. He takes pride how closely he works with clients to understand what they want from the finished product, while maintaining the integrity of the original piece of furniture.

So don’t let a broken piece of furniture just gather dust. Let Jean-Jacques Bernard work his magic and return the piece to its original state and value.

Furniture Repair services in Bannockburn include:

  • Bedroom furniture repair
  • Living room furniture repair
  • Dining room furniture repair
  • Kitchen furniture repair
  • Antique furniture repair
  • Piano repair
  • Leather furniture repair
  • Home office furniture repair
  • Wood molding & paneling repair
  • Parts duplication and fabrication
  • Pick-up and Delivery
  • Free Estimates*

Furniture Services We Specialize In…

Home Furniture Repair

Home Furniture Repair & Restoration

Inherited a dining table from a relative? Have a chair with a broken leg? Have a dresser with a finish that is showing its age or no longer goes with the decor of your home? Contact Jean-Jacques Bernard to have your home furniture transformed into a thing of beauty & pride.

More Home Furniture Repair & Restoration

Home Furniture Repair

Commercial Furniture Repair & Restoration

Does your commercial property look beaten up? Are your doors, wood paneling, elevators and furniture like chairs or conference tables worn, dinged, scraped and in poor repair? Contact Jean-Jacques Bernard to have your commercial property look restored.

More Commercial Furniture Repair & Restoration

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims – Repair & Restoration

We resolve insurance claims and moving claims quickly & economically. We’ll inspect the damage and provide an appraisal and value determination for all damaged items. This includes transit related damage and property related damage.

More Insurance & Moving Claim Repair & Restoration

Jean-Jacques has refinished and restored several Sheraton pieces for me, including a bureau and buffet for my dining room and a small table which is all inlaid. He just recently duplicated a French country table for me, and it turned out beautifully. His work is of the highest quality and craftsmanship, and his knowledge of antiques and fine furniture would make him an asset as a collaborator with the museum. His cheerful personality makes him a joy to deal with, and he works with the clients closely to gain an idea of what they would desire. I highly recommend him.